Eurythmy draws on the movements and living energy of the human etheric body as impetus for the physical body’s gestures. Since the etheric body is larger and more diffuse than the physical body, any effects arising from etheric streams of energy, as invoked in the human etheric body through eurythmy speech gestures, should also be demonstrable outside the physical body.
How did the idea arise to treat plants with eurythmy? Since 1987, Tanja Baumgartner has been giving one-to-one eurythmy therapy sessions. The people she treated were in no doubt that eurythmy movements are beneficial for body and soul. From this arose a need to find tangible proof of such effects. Tanja Baumgartner therefore decided to undertake plant trials and began the first of these on wisteria seeds in the summer of 2002.
Scientific collaboration began following initial research and discussions with the physicist Stephan Baumgartner, who has worked for many years at the University of Bern on germinating cress seeds as “indicator organisms” for subtle environmental influences, The cress seeds used in the experiments  responded to the eurythmy speech sounds B (earth) and L (water) with, as expected, either inhibition or expansion of growth.
Based on these initial results, a three-year research project began under the auspices of KIKOM (complementary medicine research) at Bern University, to investigate the effects of eurythmy speech gestures.