Movement is the creative principle underlying all that assumes specific form and shape, both in us and nature. Thinking and feeling, likewise, can be perceived as an inner dynamic that condenses into ideas and actions, and may in turn flow on into physical form. The world of sound, too, is part of this resonating cosmos which originally gave rise to speech. Thus the speech sounds are archetypal gestures which today are often at risk of rigidifying into the empty ciphers of letters. Eurythmy is an artistic means to consciously re-imbue the sense world with living vibrancy.
By working in a focused way with these archetypal gestures, eurythmy tries to establish new relationships with, and insights into, nature, the human being and the cosmos. The enlivening movements of eurythmy therapy have proven to be very beneficial, and can enable us to enter into resonance with the formative dynamic principles at work in plants and animals. In this way it is possible to develop a new connection with the forces that give rise to form, something so far denied to modern science.

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